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L’Chaim Brewery Kombucha Green


L’Chaim Brewery Kombucha Green is one of our Elder Brews, embodying and highlight one of the three ancient tea types.  This dedicated brew is an effervescent, probiotic beverage that possesses an amber color and a soft but zingy taste. Pop a bottle today!

(Patron-donated photograph of L’Chaim Green with a view of the city and the Gulf.)

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The L’Chaim Brewery Kombucha craft emanates from a whispering and persistent notion, declaring,

The work of our hands must be sacred!

And so, we work zealously: selecting sustainable ingredients, nurturing authentic fermentation, imparting earth’s finest in appearance, aroma, and taste: blending that unique and excellent character about which our patrons rave, L’Chaim!, To Life!

Oak-Brewed: charred oak barrels naturally impart fruity and oaky flavors into L’Chaim Brewery Kombucha.

Authentic: true to old world brewing, L’Chaim Brewery Kombucha is naturally effervescent.

Integral: probiotic remnants settle at the bottom of the bottle because L’Chaim Brewery Kombucha is not filtered. 

Raw: the beneficial bacteria live and thrive in the raw, unpasteurized environment of L’Chaim Brewery Kombucha.

Organic and Kosher Green Tea

Raw Cane Sugar

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