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Artisan chefs know that creating the perfect
dish begins with Earth’s finest ingredients.
That kind of pride and honor is our practice
at Heph’zibah and Beulah Farms, where we
cultivate wild harvest foods that are worthy
of artisanal embellishment. Contact us with
your questions and to arrange a farm tour.


Gastronomy, as the ancient practice of
choosing, cooking, and eating good food,
is bringing family and friends together to
nurture the good times of which the fondest
memories are made. Heph’zibah and Beulah
Farms proudly sustains such memorable
pleasures with nutrient-rich wild harvest foods.


We value your work and we are simpatico
with your endeavor to educate the public
in the interest of foods farmed responsibly
with sustainable techniques that respect the
ecology, the economy, and the consumers.
Therefore, we will try to make our practical
work accessible to you whenever possible.



Yaheli, Sh’maya, and Gavriel

Cultivating wild harvests to grow Earth’s best tasting foods!




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